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Peace , mercy and blessings of God

Iran to dogs and pigs Russians wanted the people we wanted to tasted life after being stolen for fifty years

Tenbhon favor and licentious system does not provide a link to humanity
Pain you realize someday You will stand before God
And Thaspun and ask what Oidtm this ungodly ?
Lat favor dog and Thllon Sharon and his followers do not interest you children died of starvation

The young man died of severe torture pain put yourself instead of the martyr ?

What is your attitude when violate the sanctity of your home or homeless or orphaned baby daughter

Are you dead in you humanity? ?

Or what happened to you Ameetm ?

Or what happened to you

There are daily thousands and millions of displaced persons and refugees who pray at the hands of the ungodly

How many oppressed God answered his prayer


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